My husband and I highly recommend Per. A fantastic man. An amazing photographer. His unobtrusive, documentary style is perfect for capturing those intimate moments that are usually so hard to immortalize. Thank you Per!
— Linnea & Joshua

We got recommendation for Per from his Finnish colleague and we are so glad we decided to go with Per. The wedding day with Per exceeded our expectations. Many of our guests commented that Per was so unnoticiable yet always at the right spot. And the result? The pictures look amazing. Love the style. Highly recommend, especially the documentary wedding photoshoot. Per kindly arrived a few days earlier to Finland so we had a chance to meet him face to face, get to know each other and plan the wedding photoshoot (we also had a Skype meeting prior to his arrival). Everything went very smoothly, and we want to add that Per is really nice person and great to work with!
— Mika & Sanni
I love Per’s work :) He photographed our wedding and the pictures were great, he managed to capture very special moments in a unique way. He also did a small photo shot with our baby nephew. The photos were very sweet and his parents were very happy.
— Marianna & John
Very impressed with the work of Per at our wedding. He made sure we got exactly the type of pictures we wanted, and even more. Would highly recommend Per to anyone.
— Rickard & Diana
Have you ever seen a picture or a photography that makes you freeze? Something so beautiful, so deep and so alive - that captures a historic moment and brings it to back to life. And, when looking at it, you forget everything surrounding you and you experience that moment over and over again – which leaves you with a peaceful and joyful smile across your face.
A piece of art encapsulating the very feeling you experienced, that revives the tiniest details you did not even know where there: the bumblebee flying past you before the photo was taken; the claps and cheering from people walking by noticing your special day; grasping the depth of the mountain landscape in the back and at the same time the sunny smell of the Mediterranean breeze; visioning the walks down the small alleys with all summer flowers in blossom and the smell of lemons and limes; enhancing the moments experienced in new perspectives by revealing details and events occurring simultaneously which you did not notice as your focus was elsewhere. Giving every moment experienced an extra dimension. Taking you back to that moment of time, when nothing else mattered beside that moment.
Getting married in Mallorca this spring was one of the best days we´ll ever live to experience. Preserving the defining moments of that day, although many, is of course a task of immense importance. But as described above, it is not just about preservation, it is about revival and hence, the difference between good and great. Giving your most valuable memories new perspectives and enhancing them, allowing you to go back to that specific moment in time and relive them again is a gift of few photographers.
The skills, talent and work that Per Henning executes leave you with that peaceful and joyful smile, for the rest of your life.

— Alena & Mattias Anderholm
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