Documentary & arty wedding photography

“Art doesn’t have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful.”

Duane Hanson


I want to capture a feeling, something that feels authentic rather than just a pretty picture. The love between family & friends as well as the couple.
Doing my best to be a fly on the wall during the day and capturing the stuff that matters – Real moments! 

From the Journal


“Have you ever seen a picture or a photography that makes you freeze? Something so beautiful, so deep and so alive - that captures a historic moment and brings it to back to life. And, when looking at it, you forget everything surrounding you and you experience that moment over and over again – which leaves you with a peaceful and joyful smile across your face. ”

//Alena & Mattias


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Elopement & Wedding Photographer / Per Henning / Fine Art Documentary / Available for work in Europe & Worldwide / Based in Kristianstad, Sweden.