Nights like these - Kullaberg Portrait photography

Imagine that you work as a singer. A friend of yours, who is also a singer - a very talented one - asks you to sing on his wedding. Immediately the nerves starts to tremble. You realize that you won't be the only singer in the room. What if you suddenly forgets the usually well known singing technique? Or sing out of tune? Such scary thoughts!

Well, when Mathilda & Fredrik who both are really talented photographers asked me if I would like to shoot their portraits, the feeling was exactly the same as of the singer. Though being very honoured and also appealed to their choice of location, I said yes.

And what a night it was! It was nothing but awesome!  With their fearless minds and love for each other Mathilda & Fredrik made the scenery in Kullaberg more beautiful than ever.

Salute to climbing rocks barefoot a night in May companied by great colleagues!