Daniel & Fabian - Ystad Saltsjobad Wedding Photography

Ystad Saltsjöbad, the luxurious hotel and spa by the southern coast line of Sweden, was the place to be for Daniel & Fabian’s big day.

Salty winds and (for ones during this sunny summer of 2018) some dramatic and beautiful clouds in the sky caught my attention when arriving at the destination. I captured a couple of establishing shots before my drone decided to…hrm…crash into a tree. Oops!

When inside the building Daniel, Fabian and the guests’ warmth and laughters got my mind on the magic of these days. Two people who choose each other no matter what, that dares to take chances and decides to share their love with family and friends.

Stylish and genuine in tune with extravaganza signed The Only Detox. It was surely a day to remember!

Daniel & Fabian thanks for the trust and awesome memories!

Mazel tov!

Location: Ystad Saltsjobad

Entertainment: Detox